DATAVISION Smart Visual Inspection solution is built for manufacturers who are not willing to compromise on product quality. Our products meet the needs of customers that seek a fully automated solution with the flexibility to support their dynamic requirements while enhancing operational efficiency.

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As a leading supplier of switch mode power supply, frequency converter, sensor, measuring system, laser marker, microscope, and machine vision system worldwide, DATAVISION is at the forefront of factory automation. We strive to develop innovative and reliable products to meet the needs of our customers in every manufacturing industry.

DATAVISION is an industrial automation enterprise committed to providing core components and system integration solutions for traditional manufacturing factory automation equipment. Following the pace of “made in China 2025” and “industry 4.0”, the company takes European brands in combination with domestic brand sensors, bar code readers, switch mode power supplies, frequency converters, safety protection products, visual inspection systems and traceability systems as its leading products, and serves many fields, such as ceramics, glass, aluminum profiles, furniture, home appliances, 3C, lithium electricity, automobiles, food and beverage, printing and packaging, so as to improve production efficiency and reduce safety accidents for the majority of manufacturing enterprises. Reduce labor cost, improve product quality and empower.

We are not only committed to meeting the current needs of many customers in the manufacturing and research industries, but also committed to anticipating the future development of the market and providing customers with more long-term improvement solutions.

Wide Categories

Complete product line, one-stop solution, successful cooperation with many well-known international and domestic enterprises, familiar with the main points of mechanical automation industry.

Reliable Quality

Datavision is committed to creating a trusted brand in China's industrial automation industry, 100% imported brands and well-known Chinese brands have established long-term and stable cooperation.

Rich Applications

Based in China for 15 years, we have provided switch mode power supply, frequency converter and other automation equipment products and the best services for more than 30 thousand customers, spanning more than 30 industries, hundreds of work scenes, with 15 years of senior engineers technical support.

Technical Support

Our own technical service team can provide customers with products selection, system integration and after-sales service.

Supply Guarantee

Modular production, establish safety stock of components and finished products, certificate of origin, declaration list.


Machine Vision Test Solution

The size of the point cannot be less than 0.5X0.5mm, and the gray value of the point cannot be greater than 50.

If this requirement is not met, stable detection cannot be achieved.

Automation Core Parts Supplier

Grab the center of the paper roll with the circle-finding tool, and take the center of the circle as the positioning point.

Visual Solution for Plastic Bottle Appearance Inspection

The scheme plans to use a 4K line scan camera with a field of view of 60mm, a single pixel accuracy of 0.0146mm / pix, and a maximum line scan speed of 5.9568m / min.

Defect Detection

There are risks in the implementation of the program. Scratches in the holes and small A grinding patterns cannot stably and effectively realize the detection function. If there are subtle flaws or inconspicuous features in other detection items, there are also detection risks.

Battery Positive and Negative Detection

By grasping the diameter of the insulating material, both Judging the presence or absence of insulating materials can also judge the insulation degree of material defect.

Character Recognition

During the design, the horizontal center line of the camera does not coincide with the center line of the vertical fixing bracket of the camera and the workpiece placement box. This is a design problem. Now the bracket has been adjusted on site.



Our sales and marketing network covers the whole China including Hong Kong, Macao and

Taiwan, as well as regions and countries in Europe, America, Middle

East and South East Asia.