• Preeminent Performance of Industrial Drives Series

    Industrial drives refer to systems or devices used to control the speed, direction, and torque of machinery in industrial applications. ...
    DATAVISION 27-10-2023 198
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  • Applications of Sensors Technology In Different Fields

    Sensors come in a myriad of forms, from temperature sensors and pressure sensors to motion sensors and image sensors, each designed to detect and measure specific environmental or contextual changes....
    DATAVISION 18-10-2023 749
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  • How to Install the Safety Curtain Correctly

    So, have you installed the safety grating or safety light curtain correctly? How to install the safety light curtain to really achieve the protective effect? First of all, let’s ask some experts a question: How do you connect the signal of your safety grating/safety light curtain? On the safety relay,...
    DATAVISION 18-08-2022 325
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  • Why Choose Fiber Sensor and Its Advantages

    A sensor is an intelligent, accurate and adaptable sensor. In the process, new products such as fiber optic sensors are popular. So compared to traditional sensors, why do most people choose to use fiber optic sensors now? What are its specific advantages? Next, I will give you a brief introduction....
    DATAVISION 18-08-2022 298
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  • Application Fields of Automatic Assembly Line

    According to statistics, in the application fields of automatic assembly line, packaging line conveyor belt, logistics sorting assembly line, electronic factory assembly line PCB code scanning and other application fields, if manual work is used, errors or omissions will inevitably occur. This is due to the different types and quality...
    DATAVISION 18-08-2022 431
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