Energy Production

Guarantee long-term economic benefits

Climate change, demographic trends and limited availability of fossil fuels all require new, innovative solutions from the energy sector. Whether it is an offshore wind farm or a solar power plant in a desert, the instant distribution of electricity to a large number of individual systems, as well as the direct influence of extreme environmental factors, place stringent demands on the quality of the components used.

To this end, Balluff does everything it can to contribute in all fields of energy. We provide reliable solutions for oil and gas extraction, conventional energy production and the utilization of renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and hydro. Every component we design stands out for its robustness and high quality.

Through us, you can get a global technical consultation, sales, after-sales service and fast supply of spare parts and other comprehensive support.

In addition, we maintain close communication and collaboration with system manufacturers at all levels. This guarantees you the most suitable solution.



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