A sensor is a device that detects and responds to some type of input from the physical environment. In the broadest definition, a sensor is a device, module, machine, or subsystem that detects events or changes in the environment and sends the information to other electronic devices, usually a computer processor. The input can be light, heat, motion, moisture, pressure, or any number of other environmental phenomena. The output is usually a signal that is converted to a human-readable display at the sensor location or transmitted electronically over a network for reading or further processing. Sensors are always used with other electronics.


    200K ultrasound through beam sensor CS-400

    This ultrasonic sensor is based on the principle of linear propagation of high frequency ultrasound.

    AI-Powered Code Reader - SR-X Series

    The SR-X Series of AI-powered code readers has a compact design – 72% smaller than our conventional models – while still providing high-performance reading for a wide variety of codes. 

    All stainless steel pressure gauge-KMF series

    KMF series pressure gauges are made of stainless steel and are suitable for corrosive media and environments.

    Cable String Pot Pull Wire Encoder Magres Redundant BMMS

    Magnetic sensing method. Resolution: 0.1 mm / step. Interface CANopen®. Measuring length up to 3.4 m. Removable cabs for water outlet. Extremely light thanks to housing of plastic and aluminium.

    Calorimeter flow switch KFT

    The overall structure of KFT series flow switch is made of stainless steel, which is strong and durable.

    Capacitive proximity sensors CFAM 12N1600/S14

    Level detection with capacitive sensors 

    Easy mounting

    Robust and resistant

    Compact Laser SensorLR-X series

    The LR-X Series is a remarkably small laser sensor capable of detecting targets based on position and is unaffected by colour, surface finish, or shape.

    Digital Fiber Optic Sensor FS-N40 Series

    Fiber optic sensors provide a variety of solutions that are unmatched by any other type of sensor. The high-powered, yet precise, amplifier combines with a variety of flexible and compact fiber heads to tackle all sensing needs. an compact fiber heads to tackle all sensing needs.

    FSR Standard Series

    Position sensitive resistors are resistive sensors that display different resistances in response to the position of the force applied to the sensing area.

    HR1070 Handheld Scanner

    Superior ID and 2D barcode scanning performance. Choose different form factors, hand-held or hands-free.

    Inductive proximity switch - outdoor

    Reliable in challenging environments – hard-wearing and heat-resistant with long-term seal

    Industrial Fixed Barcode Scanner MV-ID5060M-00C-WBN

    C-mount lens 6MP Allfunction Industrial Code Reader, white light.

    Industrial Universal Pressure Transmitter

    It is widely used for pressure measurement in pneumatic and hydraulic systems

    Long Range Ultrasonic Position Sensor U300.P50-GP1J.72N

    Accurate distance measurement regardless of material, surface, color or transparency.

    Luminescence Colour Mark Sensor OC60.CC-DLMT.7AF

    Reliable detection of print marks even at very low contrasts.

    Magnetic proximity switches MFFM 08N1424/PL

    Proximity switch for non-contact detection of liquid as well as solid objects and bulk solids

    MT90 Mobile Terminal

    It can be easily deployed in a variety of complex retail checkout environments

    Multiturn Absolute Optical Encoder CANopen? SAE J1939

    Absolute magnetic encoders for extreme applications.

    Online Industrial Infrared Temperature Sensor

    FST600-400A online infrared temperature sensor is a device that uses infrared to measure temperature

    S type pressure sensor-DYLY-104

    Push and pull force meter, button feel tester, hot and cold press pressure detection, robot hand grip, automatic locking screw machine and other small installation space force detection field

    Safety Interlock Door Switch Oxon-W1

    All-metal body, stainless steel components, the head can be rotated in four directions and installed at multiple angles.

    Safety Pull Cord Switch for Conveyor PS216-T11-Q200

    thermoplastic enclosure with foldable latching cover,vertical mounting

    Self-contained Threaded Sensors-PZ-G Series

    High-power, dual LED-type photoelectric sensors for improved performance and ease of use.

    Through Beam Photoelectric Sensor OG050U.L-GW1O.7WL

    This sensor has a wide range of applications and can accurately complete a variety of position detection as well as distance and material level measurement.

    Type 2 Safety Light Curtain Sensor With Basic Functionality

    Cost effective Finger, hand, arm detection with basic functions.

    Ultrasonic Label Detection Sensor

    Reliable detection of a wide variety of labels and carrier materials including transparent or metallic labels. Short set-up times without adjustment effort.

    Vision & Imaging Sensor OPT-CM500-GL-04

    Gigabit Ethernet interface, providing 1Gbps bandwidth with a maximum transmission distance of 100m.

    Vision Sensor with Built-in AI- IV3 Series

    Image recognition sensor that integrates camera, lighting and controller. A large range is captured by the “face” of the image, and the detection can be stable even if the position of the object is shifted. According to the installation environment, AI can automatically identify the ideal stability of the workpiece. It also supports the judgment of OK/NG in a large field of view.



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