Application Fields of Automatic Assembly Line

  • 18-08-2022
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According to statistics, in the application fields of automatic assembly line, packaging line conveyor belt, logistics sorting assembly line, electronic factory assembly line PCB code scanning and other application fields, if manual work is used, errors or omissions will inevitably occur. This is due to the different types and quality of barcodes, and manual scanning is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and there are faults such as missed scanning and abnormal barcodes (such as duplicate codes, wrong codes, missing codes, etc.), which are not conducive to improving capacity utilization. In addition, in view of the continuous operation of the assembly line, the probability of faulty products flowing into the next process is extremely high, which will affect the product quality and increase the probability of rework and production costs.

In this regard, DATAVISION  Intelligent Equipment provides a perfect solution for the automatic scanning and detection system of industrial line barcodes. Use the fixed bracket to install and fix the industrial-grade fixed code scanning equipment (industrial code reader) above the conveyor belt to automatically scan and detect the product barcode information transmitted at high speed in any direction on the production line and conveyor belt, and transmit the data to The background database is automatically compared with the actual demand. Thereby, it helps enterprises to achieve zero-difference pool for standard products and better control the error rate in the product production process.

However, due to uncertainties such as barcode printing clarity and factory scanning environment, not any industrial assembly line barcode reader can do the job. It should not only be able to be fixedly installed, scan the product barcode from multiple angles, but also quickly identify the product barcode of the conveyor belt in batches. Therefore, industrial pipeline code readers must not only have high-sensitivity recognition capabilities, but also support working modes such as automatic scanning and command control, so as to avoid unstable scanning by fixed code scanners.

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of automatic identification of the Internet of Things and a deep understanding of the application of industrial fixed barcode readers, the infoscan FV300N fixed barcode scanner (industrial type) launched by DATAVISION Intelligent Equipment can effectively solve this problem.

FV300N/FV400N/FV500 series industrial high-performance fixed barcode reader adopts industrial-grade CMOS sensor and efficient decoding algorithm, supports 1D barcode and 2D barcode recognition; adopts area array light source design and software and hardware processing mechanism, which can process images and decode quickly , which can meet various complex application requirements such as multiple labels, large field of view, long distance, medium and high speed reading; manual focusing method can achieve a good balance between ease of use and economy. Standard C-mount design, lenses with different focal lengths can be configured according to application requirements.

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After practical use, the infoscan FV300N fixed-mount barcode scanner has unparalleled 1D and 2D barcode reading performance. It can scan barcodes on any surface, including PCBA barcodes, paper, mobile phone displays, and extremely small and dense one- and two-dimensional barcodes commonly found in manufacturing.

In terms of performance, the infoscan FV300N series adopts the sixth-generation self-developed core decoding algorithm, which has good performance of fast image acquisition and accurate decoding. The unique aiming mode with bright center point ensures fast and accurate performance even in bright light. scanning, so that the flexibility of barcode reading is improved.

The infoscan FV300N fixed barcode scanner is mainly used in various production lines, and the assembly line detects and scans barcodes; it can be set to read different code systems and different reading modes, and the interval time and sensitivity of reading codes can be adjusted. For materials with a more reflective surface, polarized light models are provided to deal with reflective surfaces/reflective labels/small barcodes; the strong reflective removal mode can be scanned, which has a certain strengthening effect on reflective materials.

Visual setting software: real-time image viewing, convenient for users to install and locate; graphical setting interface, easy to use and understand. The imaging is more stable in the whole field of view, and the working distance is more than 10cm~100cm for medium and long distance/multiple barcode reading scenarios.

In addition to being able to be installed and fixed on the bracket to automatically trigger scanning, it can also be manually triggered by pressing a button. It has powerful performance, can scan QR codes and screens, and provides RS232 TCP/IP (PROFINET) commonly used industrial communication methods. The infoscan FV300N series is a good choice for users who need to automatically detect barcodes in an assembly line.



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