Electrical Equipment


    AC Surge Protection Device (SPD) for Home HOM250PSPD

    This device reduces surges that might otherwise overwhelm plug strips and damage connected household equipment. It also provides surge suppression for important items that are not compatible with plug strips such as washers, dryers, refrigerators, stoves, and lighting.

    Circuit Breaker Mini HOM115PCAFI

    Homeline miniature circuit breakers are engineered and designed for fast installation and superior circuit protection.

    Electrical Main Fuse Carrier DFCC2V

    TeSys DF modular fuse carrier, 2 poles (2P), for protection of control circuits up to 30A / 600V, for North American market.

    Molded Case Switch Breaker BDL36080

    PowerPact B-frame circuit breaker, offers proven performance, flexibility, and reliability. This PowerPact Molded Case Circuit Breaker feature new innovations such as the patented EverLink™ connections.

    Standard & Industrial Low Voltage Motor Control Center LVMCC (NEMA, ANSI, UL 845)

    Model 6 MCC offers an efficient, economical solution for grouping electrical motor control, automation and power distribution in a compact design that meets industry safety standards.



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