Wind Energy

Wind Energy

High-efficiency High-tech Power Plant

Modern wind power systems offer extremely high efficiencies. For example, today’s power plants produce roughly 20 times more power than they did 20 years ago, and at a lower cost. However, wind farms are still a huge investment and require high availability of every component. This can only be achieved if all components are very reliable and fail-safe. To this end, Balluff has long been working closely with leading manufacturers to provide you with industry know-how, ensuring a high level of quality for both land and marine installations.

Industry Solutions

Wind Energy

Adjustment of Detection Azimuth

To obtain maximum efficiency from a wind power plant, the nacelle must be steered according to the wind direction. Our BES inductive sensors directly detect the position of the directional adjustment gear ring, allowing the nacelle to move reliably to the optimum position. Balluff sensors are robust and ideal for low-cost redundancy complementing standard solutions using rotary encoders. Unlike rotary encoders, our sensors do not require dedicated mechanics.


1. Rugged, shock and vibration resistant.

2. Non-contact, wear-free and maintenance-free.

3. Suitable for environments with wide temperature and humidity ranges.

4. Stainless steel housing.

Detection Position

In order to service the turbine, you first need to make sure it has come to a safe stop. Our high-pressure inductive sensors help you reliably determine the piston position of locking cylinders and the end positions of cylinders in hydraulic pitch systems.


1. High pressure resistance up to 500 bar, ready for immediate installation.

2. Stainless steel housing, durable.

3. Analog version available for soft stop.

Wind Energy



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