Hydroelectric Power

Hydroelectric Power

An Integral Part of the Renewable Energy Ranks

Hydropower is an integral part of today’s renewable energy mix and still has enormous potential for development. To operate large hydropower plants reliably, you need extremely reliable and precise control and regulation systems.

Balluff’s high-precision solutions with sensors and linear measuring systems can help.

Industry Solutions

Hydroelectric Power

Controlling Kaplan Turbines

In order to make the Kaplan turbine run at a constant speed, the positions of the runner and guide vanes need to be adjusted according to changes in demand. With our magnetostrictive linear displacement sensors, you can efficiently control your turbine and optimize its performance.


1. Extremely reliable, robust and contactless.

2. No reference run after voltage interruption.

Tuning a Pelton Turbine

In a Pelton turbine, power is generated by the rotational speed of the impeller, which is controlled by nozzles in the waterjet propulsion system. Pressures up to 200 bar at multiple inlet nozzles must be controlled quickly and steadily. Balluff’s magnetostrictive displacement sensors perform this task reliably.


1. Reliable and durable.

2. Compact design.

Hydroelectric Power



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