Solar Power Station

Solar Power Station

The Sun Provides More Energy Than the World Needs

Current solar thermal power plants typically provide an electrical output of 100 megawatts or more. To generate this energy, thousands of mirrors must track the sun precisely and continuously. This requires particularly precise sensors that can withstand extreme environmental conditions, such as in desert areas. The measuring systems we have developed for this purpose allow you to reliably detect these movements for efficient power generation.

Industry Solutions

Solar Power Station

Detecting the Position of the Linear Drive

Our robust inductive sensors are a cost-effective solution that allows you to accurately and reliably measure various position changes in linear drives. When detecting linear displacement, inductive sensors detect position changes by counting pulses.


1. Switching distance extension.

2. Extended temperature range.

Positioning of the Heliostat

The positioning accuracy of the heliostats in solar power towers provides the most solid basis for the efficiency of the entire system and therefore places particularly high demands on the sensors used here. Our magnetically encoded displacement and angle measurement systems can even be used in harsh environments in desert areas. It works non-contact, so it requires little maintenance and helps avoid downtime.


1. Non-contact operation, low wear and maintenance-free.

2. Cost-effective installation.

3. High precision.

Solar Power Station



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