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Table of Contents

1. Station – Centering of Paper Roll.

2. Project Requirements.

3. General Idea.

4. Hardware Solution.

5. Software Solution.

6. Workstation Summary / Notes.

Station – Center Positioning Requirements of Paper Reel

Positioning requirements: Positioning the center of the paper roll, the accuracy is required to be within 1mm.

Automation Core Parts Supplier

Performance / Metric Requirements

Detection time: Ten minutes.

Production line speed: To be determined.

Combination product types, colors.

Background background color:

Whether fly-shoting: No.

Incoming materials:

Restrictive Requirements

Camera installation: The camera is fixed downward and installed, taking static pictures, one product at a time.

Lighting method: Positive light source lighting.

View FOV requirements: Meet the field of view of a product.

Working distance WD: 562mm.

Workstation – General Idea of Paper Reel Center Positioning

Vision software processing:

1. Grab the center of the paper roll with the circle-finding tool, and take the center of the circle as the positioning point.

2. The positioning data can be sent through TCP / IP , serial port and other communication methods.

Automation Core Parts Supplier

Automation Core Parts Supplier

Workstation – Schematic Diagram of Center Positioning of Paper Reel

Automation Core Parts Supplier

Station – Center Positioning Imaging Effect of Paper Roll

Automation Core Parts Supplier

Workstation – Center Positioning Processing Effect of Paper Reel

By grabbing the center of the paper roll (outer or inner) as the center:

The paper roll is annular, the image transition pixels are complex and unstable, and the outline of the paper roll is not regular, which will affect the measurement of size data.

The outer circle of the paper roll will be covered by the edge of the paper, and the circle outline found is not necessarily the outer circle outline, which easily affects the positioning of the center of the circle.

The edge of the inner circle of the paper roll needs to be flat. If the edge has gaps, curling, and fluctuations in incoming materials, it will affect the effect of finding the circle and affect the accuracy of the center of the circle.

Software Processing Renderings

Inner Circle

Outer Circle

Inner Circle

Inner Circle



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