Character Recognition

Table of Contents

1. Project Information.

2. Test Device Configuration Table.

3. Schematic Diagram of Lighting.

4. Imaging Protocol Explanation – Feature Description.

5. Bracket Optimization.

6. Real Objects and Photos.

Schematic Diagram of Lighting

Character Recognition

Imaging Protocol Explanation – Feature Description

Character Recognition

Character Recognition

Bracket Optimization

1. The camera is flipped 180 degrees and the camera fixing screw is increased.

Character Recognition

2. Make ring light source mounting bracket.

Character Recognition

3. The material box is used as a fixed slot for foam.

Character Recognition

4. The horizontal center line of the camera fixing bracket is wrong.

Character Recognition

During the design, the horizontal center line of the camera does not coincide with the center line of the vertical fixing bracket of the camera and the workpiece placement box. This is a design problem. Now the bracket has been adjusted on site.



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