Machine Vision Test Solution

Table of Contents

1. Description of customer needs.

2. Project requirements hardware selection.

3. Visual inspection effect diagram.

4. Relevant technical parameters of stable detection.

5. Schematic diagram of installation distance of vision camera and light source.

6. List of software and hardware.

1. Description of Customer Needs

The presence or absence of black spots on the surface of tiles (600*600mm).

Product Pictures Are Shown in Figure 1

Machine Vision Test Solution

2. The Project Requirements Hardware Selection

System hardware selection:

1. Camera: 9 million pixel industrial camera.

2. Lens: 10M.

3. Light source: white aperture surface light.

4. Field of view size: 450X230mm.

5. Accuracy: 450mm / 4112pixel=0.1094358mm / pixel.

3. Visual Reading Information and Detection Effect Diagram

Machine Vision Test Solution

Machine Vision Test Solution

4. Relevant Technical Parameters of Stable Detection

The test point is the black point pointed out by the signature pen, the gray value is 40, and the size is 0.5X0.5mm.

Stability detection requirements:

1. The size of the point cannot be less than 0.5X0.5mm, and the gray value of the point cannot be greater than 50.

If this requirement is not met, stable detection cannot be achieved.

2. The surface of the detection tile needs to be flat.

5. Schematic Diagram of Installation Distance of Vision Camera and Light Source

Machine Vision Test Solution

6. List of Software and Hardware

Machine Vision Test Solution



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