Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Sensors for Storage Tanks and Silos

Reliable detection of material availability.

Industry Solutions

Inventory Management

Sensor Solutions for Storage Tanks and Silos

Free-flowing foodstuffs

  • Safety

Sensors that have been developed and certified for installation in explosion-proof environments protect the raw grain silo from explosions.

  • Greater transparency throughout the process

Proper mechanical integration of the CleverLevel device enables detection of bridging and cavity formation.

Liquid foodstuffs

  • Reduction in cleaning time and improvement in food safety

Eliminate dead spaces with the BHC – Baumer Hygienic Connection to improve hygiene conditions and achieve greater cleaning capability.

How to Implement Clever Level Detection Solutions – Without Any Parameterisation Work

Growing numbers of product variants and sudden changes in demand are some of the latest challenges in industrial and hygiene applications. Meeting such demands calls for flexibility in terms of system control.

The sensors ability to adapt to applications such as the reliable measurement of limit values is crucial in this respect. We will show you how to efficiently control processes involving frequent media changeovers or accumulation and even implement media differentiation, using the example of level detection.

Inventory Management



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