Filling and Dosing Systems

Fillers and Dosing Systems / Bottling Plants

Reliable sensor solutions for demanding filling and cleaning processes.

Industry Solutions

Filling and Dosing Systems

Ultrasonic Proximity Switch for Reliable Detection

Ease of selection and planning – reducing costs

  • Ultrasonic proximity switch for high packaging variance
  • Detection range from 20 mm to 1000 mm

Reduced setup and maintenance times

  • Fast adaptation to different applications by setting the sound beam width (e.g. narrow sound beam for individual objects and broad sound beam for groups of objects)
  • Adjustable filter functions for an optimum between response time and repeatability
  • Flexible adjustment of switching point with qTeach® or IO-Link
  • Direct detection of packaging

Robust Ultrasonic Sensors with Flexible Parameterization

Ultrasonic object detection

  • Extremely resistant sealed sensor element
  • Very short blind range of 20 mm
  • IO-Link functionality for flexible parameterization and easy installation
  • Also available with 2 output switches, as a retro-reflective or through beam sensor
  • Sensing distances up to 1500 mm

Filling and Dosing Systems



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