Forming, Filling and Sealing Machine

Forming, Filling and Sealing Machine

Flexible packaging in the food & beverage, pharmaceutical and consumer goods industries.

Industry Solutions

Forming, Filling and Sealing Machine

Diffuse Sensors with Background Suppression

  • The high repeatability enables cost-efficient and reliable switching with non-transparent foil
  • Reduction of sensor variants, as the sensor is suitable for other applications in the machine

Robust Ultrasonic Sensors with Flexible Parameterization

  • Ultrasonic technology allows measuring the foil reserve of all types of foil and surfaces with maximum reliability
  • Production planning reliability by calculating the remaining packaging on the basis of the remaining foil
  • Detection down to a few layers of foil due to the high resolution of 300 µm reduces packaging waste
  • A combination of the shortest blind region and extensive range offers new opportunities for machine construction and simplifies the design process

Ultrasonic Sensors with IO-Link

Ultrasonic object detection / distance measurement

  • Modification of the sonic cone or activation of filtering in the field
  • Individual sensor setting
  • Additional data
  • Fast implementation and easy sensor exchange with automatic parameter transfer
  • Supporting the latest IO-Link standard 1.1

Forming, Filling and Sealing Machine



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