Labeling Machine

Labeling Machines for Self-adhesive Labels

Accurate and reliable sensor solutions for highly dynamic labeling processes.

Industry Solutions

Labeling Machine

Product Infeed Via Object Slider with Diffuse Sensors with Background Suppression

  • The V-shaped, very narrow LED light beam enables detecting challenging objects ranging from transparent to jet black objects
  • Response time of 250 µs supports short cycle times of the machine
  • Miniature housing enables installation in small spaces
  • High-precision object handling guarantees a stable and accurate labeling process
  • Reduction of sensor variants, as the sensor is suitable for other applications in the machine

Product Infeed with Laser Diffuse Sensors with Background Suppression

  • Laser sensors with an extremely small spot and very short response times guarantee accurate edge detection in highly dynamic labeling processes
  • High-precision triggering during acceleration, deceleration, stopping and restarting in combination with the high resolution encoder

Labeling Machine



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