AC Contactors

AC contactor is a kind of contactor widely used in the opening and closing of electric power and control circuits. It uses the main node to open and close the circuit and uses the auxiliary contact to execute the control command. The main contact generally only has a normally open contact, while the auxiliary contacts often have two pairs of contacts with normally open and normally closed functions. Small contactors are often used as intermediate relays to cooperate with the main circuit. In production and life, AC contactors are widely used and play a vital role. In addition, they can also be used in conjunction with thermal relays to provide certain overload protection for load equipment.


    Air Conditioner & Compressor Contactor EX9C0911B7

    NOARK® Electric Ex9C contactors are intended for various applications including heavy industrial loads. Nine frame sizes allow optimization of electrical parameters and mechanical dimensions. A range of overload relays are available in a variety of frame sizes to fit respective contactors of given rated current. 5-Year limited warranty.



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