Servo Drives

A servo drive receives a command signal from a control system, amplifies the signal, and transmits electric current to a servo motor to generate motion proportional to the command signal. Typically, the command signal represents a desired speed, but can also represent a desired torque or position. Sensors attached to the servo motor report the actual state of the motor back to the servo motor drive. The servo drive then compares the actual motor status with the commanded motor status. It then varies the voltage, frequency or pulse width of the motor to correct any deviation from the commanded state.


    Digitax HD M750 Ethernet Servo Drive

    Digitax HD M750 Ethernet is a network servo drive for centralized and decentralized motion applications, featuring multi-protocol Ethernet ports enabling support of real-time Ethernet with RTMoE (Real-Time Motion over Ethernet).

    Unidrive M700 Universal AC Servo Motor Drive

    A key competence of Control Techniques is honing our unique motor control algorithms, taking pride in our craft as any good craftsman would. This ensures that our Unidrive M series drives offer the highest control stability and bandwidth for every industrial motor type.



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