Force Sensors

By definition, a force sensor is a type of transducer, specifically a force transducer. It converts an input mechanical force such as load, weight, tension, compression, or pressure into another physical variable, in this case, an electrical output signal that can be measured, converted, and normalized. As the force applied to the force sensor increases, the electrical signal changes proportionally. Force sensors have become an integral part of many industries, including automotive, high-precision manufacturing, aerospace and defense, industrial automation, medical and pharmaceutical, and robotics, where reliable and highly accurate measurements are critical.


    FSR Standard Series

    Position sensitive resistors are resistive sensors that display different resistances in response to the position of the force applied to the sensing area.

    Industrial Universal Pressure Transmitter

    It is widely used for pressure measurement in pneumatic and hydraulic systems

    S type pressure sensor-DYLY-104

    Push and pull force meter, button feel tester, hot and cold press pressure detection, robot hand grip, automatic locking screw machine and other small installation space force detection field



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