A contactor is an electrically controlled switch used to switch an electrical circuit on or off. It is considered a special type of relay. However, the basic difference between relays and contactors is that contactors are used in applications with higher current carrying capacity whereas relays are used in lower current applications. Contactors can be easily field installed and are compact in size. Typically, these electrical devices have multiple contacts. These contacts are normally open most of the time and provide operating power to the load when the contactor coil is energized. Contactors are most commonly used to control electric motors.


    Air Conditioner & Compressor Contactor EX9C0911B7

    NOARK® Electric Ex9C contactors are intended for various applications including heavy industrial loads. Nine frame sizes allow optimization of electrical parameters and mechanical dimensions. A range of overload relays are available in a variety of frame sizes to fit respective contactors of given rated current. 5-Year limited warranty.

    DC Magnetic Motor Contactor EX9CMS06A30E7A

    AC-3 contactor ratings from 630 A and AC-1 contactor ratings to 800 A.

    Coil voltages from 24~600 Vac, 50 / 60 Hz.



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