Fixed Code Readers

Datavision fixed code reader is a full-featured industrial fixed code reader, based on a high-performance multi-core deep learning core processor, which brings powerful code reading performance and large field of view coverage. Fixed code readers provide the most advanced and reliable image scanners on the market today, and their reading speeds are also very fast. Our fixed code reader adopts a mechanical autofocus lens to achieve automatic focusing and is equipped with a variety of accessories, which can quickly complete debugging, and at the same time achieve the protection level of IP67, which is suitable for various complex applications of industrial automation code reading.


    AI-Powered Code Reader - SR-X Series

    The SR-X Series of AI-powered code readers has a compact design – 72% smaller than our conventional models – while still providing high-performance reading for a wide variety of codes. 

    Industrial Fixed Barcode Scanner MV-ID5060M-00C-WBN

    C-mount lens 6MP Allfunction Industrial Code Reader, white light.



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