Distance Sensors

Distance sensors sense the distance between an object and a measuring device through an output current without any physical contact involved. These currents are generated by various waveforms, such as ultrasonic waves, laser, infrared, etc. They measure distance by emitting a signal and measuring how long it takes to return to the transducer. Datavision distance sensors are reliable tools for a variety of applications for accurate and fast measurement, accurate positioning, and discovery of a wide range of materials.


    200K ultrasound through beam sensor CS-400

    This ultrasonic sensor is based on the principle of linear propagation of high frequency ultrasound.

    Compact Laser SensorLR-X series

    The LR-X Series is a remarkably small laser sensor capable of detecting targets based on position and is unaffected by colour, surface finish, or shape.

    Digital Fiber Optic Sensor FS-N40 Series

    Fiber optic sensors provide a variety of solutions that are unmatched by any other type of sensor. The high-powered, yet precise, amplifier combines with a variety of flexible and compact fiber heads to tackle all sensing needs. an compact fiber heads to tackle all sensing needs.



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