Vision Sensors

Vision sensors are electronic devices that are designed to capture images and convert them into digital signals that can be processed and analyzed by computer vision systems. Datavision vision sensors are built for stability and simplicity. With a built-in camera and optimized lighting, a wide area can be captured with an image and stable detection of multiple targets is possible even if they are misaligned. Vision sensors are an important tool for a wide range of industries and applications, allowing for accurate and reliable image capture and analysis.

Vision sensors use images captured by cameras to determine the presence, orientation and accuracy of parts. These sensors differ from image detection systems in that the camera, light and controller are integrated, which makes installation and operation of the unit simple. There are differences between these visual sensors and other general-purpose sensors. For example, a single vision sensor can perform multiple inspection types in a target image. In addition, due to the wide field of view, detection is possible even if the target position is inconsistent.


    Vision & Imaging Sensor OPT-CM500-GL-04

    Gigabit Ethernet interface, providing 1Gbps bandwidth with a maximum transmission distance of 100m.

    Vision Sensor with Built-in AI- IV3 Series

    Image recognition sensor that integrates camera, lighting and controller. A large range is captured by the “face” of the image, and the detection can be stable even if the position of the object is shifted. According to the installation environment, AI can automatically identify the ideal stability of the workpiece. It also supports the judgment of OK/NG in a large field of view.



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