Infrared (IR) Distance Sensors

An infrared(IR) distance sensor uses a beam of infrared light to reflect off an object to measure its distance. Infrared distance sensors are designed according to the time-of-flight principle. That is, the sensor emits modulated near-infrared light that is reflected when it hits an object. The sensor then calculates the distance to the object by calculating the time difference or phase difference between light emission and reflection. Datavision’s infrared distance sensors are a popular choice for many projects that require accurate distance measurements.


    Digital Fiber Optic Sensor FS-N40 Series

    Fiber optic sensors provide a variety of solutions that are unmatched by any other type of sensor. The high-powered, yet precise, amplifier combines with a variety of flexible and compact fiber heads to tackle all sensing needs. an compact fiber heads to tackle all sensing needs.



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