An encoder is a sensing device that provides feedback. Encoders convert motion to an electrical signal that can be read by some type of control device in a motion control system, such as a counter or PLC. Encoders send feedback signals that can be used to determine position, count, speed, or direction. Control devices can use this information to send commands for specific functions. Encoding keeps your data safe because the files are unreadable unless you have access to the algorithm used to encode them. This is a good way to protect your data from theft as any stolen files would not be usable.


    Cable String Pot Pull Wire Encoder Magres Redundant BMMS

    Magnetic sensing method. Resolution: 0.1 mm / step. Interface CANopen®. Measuring length up to 3.4 m. Removable cabs for water outlet. Extremely light thanks to housing of plastic and aluminium.

    Multiturn Absolute Optical Encoder CANopen? SAE J1939

    Absolute magnetic encoders for extreme applications.



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