Cable Encoders

A cable encoder is a linear measuring device that consists of a spring-wound cable reel with a rotary encoder mounted on the hub of the reel. The cable is connected to a load that draws out the wire as the reel turns causing the cable encoder to rotate and transmit the amount of rotation either as a voltage pulse stream (incremental encoder) or digital word (absolute encoder). Alternatively, the output can also be provided as an analog linear voltage output or even as output from a resolver. Draw wire encoders are compact, easy to mount, and highly portable.


    Cable String Pot Pull Wire Encoder Magres Redundant BMMS

    Magnetic sensing method. Resolution: 0.1 mm / step. Interface CANopen®. Measuring length up to 3.4 m. Removable cabs for water outlet. Extremely light thanks to housing of plastic and aluminium.



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